About Us:

Collectixt is dedicated to developing the most user-friendly platform with the best user experience possible. Ambitchous Token is a next-generation decentralized NFT for all market sectors dedicated to the growing world of digital artists, designers, and collectors.

about us
our mission

Our Mission

To create a scalable, cross-chain token network that makes generating, utilizing, and trading NFTs much more accessible, inexpensive, and quicker, resulting in a considerable increase in trade volume and adoption. Enjoy exclusive rights to NFTs you make without fear of anyone stealing your idea! Our ecosystem encourages people to have fun and be creative during the new wave of NFTs.

Our Vision

Collectixt wants to create an atmosphere where people can be original and creative in the crypto realm by safeguarding and establishing unique platforms and an NFT marketplace where people can sell, purchase, and auction off their unique NFTs.

our vision