Get In Early

It couldn't be easier to get your hands on the token in our pre-sale. You can buy Collectixt directly using your card, or can use USDT or ETH already in your wallet. After the public presale ends, you'll be able to claim your purchased Collectixt Tokens using the claim page.

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How To Buy Collectixt

Step 1

You can begin the purchase of CLEX in one of these ways:

For PC

To purchase CLEX on your desktop browser, ensure you have the Metamask wallet extension installed on your web browser. Metamask allows for seamless purchasing experience on your PC.

For Mobile

Ensure using a crypto wallet that supports Wallet Connect. Trust Wallet is recommended.

You can simply connect the Collectixt website with the Trust Wallet in-built browser or copy and paste it in the in-built Trust Wallet.

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Step 2:

Once you have selected your preferred wallet, tap "Connect Wallet" and choose the suitable option to proceed with your purchase. Mobile users will need to select "Wallet Connect"..

After connecting your wallet, you'll have three options for the purchase of collectixt:


Buy With Card

The "Buy with Card" option will allow you to seamlessly purchase ETH or USDT that will be sent instantly to your wallet, through our partner, Transak. To begin your CLEX purchase with card, start by clicking the "BUY with Card" option and follow the subsequent instructions. To meet the required minimum CLEX purchase, it is advisable to buy at least $15 worth of ETH or USDT.


Buy with ETH

When you have enough ETH in your wallet, you can exchange it for CLEX (if you don't have any ETH or USDT, please choose option 1 to buy some). Click "Convert ETH" after entering the desired CLEX purchase amount (a minimum of 1,000 must be entered). You will be prompted to confirm the transaction by your wallet provider, who will also display the price of gas.


Buy with USDT

Please check your wallet to make sure you have at least $15 in USDT before initiating the CLEX purchasing process. Enter the number of CLEX tokens you want to buy (1,000 minimum). Click "USDT to Convert." The purchase will then require TWO of your approvals. The USDT contract receives first approval, followed by the transaction amount. To complete the transaction, please make sure you go through both approval processes.

Step 3:

You will be able to get your Collectixt tokens (CLEX) after the presale is over. To get your purchases CLEX tokens, yo u must go to the main website and click on the "Collect" button. More information will be provided in due time.

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