Our planned Roadmap, a step-by-step development strategy, is discussed below :

  • Phase 1: Creation of Website

    The first stage will concentrate on developing and releasing the Ambitchous ecosystem's official website. The website will act as an ecosystem and marketplace, allowing users and token holders to acquire native tokens, exchange unique tokens, and engage in the ecosystem, among other things.

  • Phase II: Release of Whitepaper

    The focus of the next stage will be on releasing and publicizing project documentation. This document provides all of the pertinent information regarding the project.

  • Phase III: Private Sale

    At this stage, the token is open for sale to select investors and interested parties.

  • Phase IV: Public Sale

    The Ambitchous token would be available for purchase by the general public.

  • Phase V: Marketing

    To raise awareness of the environment, intensive marketing will be carried out. We'll use a variety of marketing techniques, including airdrops, social media marketing.

  • Phase IV: Launch of Play to Earn

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